Thursday, August 23, 2012

Romney / Ryan will steal our country

The Republicans drove the United States into a ditch so they could grab the White House. We can't let them get away with it.

For the last two years Republicans stonewalled every attempt to get the economy going again. If the economy improved, Obama would be reelected. That would disrupt their business plan.

Paul Ryan is a liar and a hypocrite. He actively sought federal pork while saying he was opposed to pork. He was part of a budget deal that would withhold funds from the military if the Congress of which he was a part did not do its job, which it did not partly because of his efforts, and now he says he will go back on his word. 

Ryan opposes abortion in every situation as dictated by his Pope, as does Mormon Bishop Mitt Romney, and both refuse to admit when and how they would impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us.

Romney will say anything, and has, to get elected. He tears down the Presidency, makes a mockery of America's place in the world, then says our President diminishes the office. Romney plays the bigot in Israel and says stupid things about the English and brags about his wealth. 

 Both men were born on third base and pretend they hit a triple. Romney says culture is what creates success, by which he means the Mormon culture. Ryan is an acolyte of atheist Ayn Rand but picks bits of her "philosophy," such as it is, that justifies his belief in himself. God, what a pair of putzes. With no compassion whatsoever, their hunger for power shows so little class.

Romney/Ryan want the rich to get richer and the poor to suffer: 

Romney/Ryan want to end Social Security to enrich Goldman Sachs, the bankers who ruined the economy then profited from the chaos. 

Romney/Ryan want to end Medicare to enrich the insurance industry which will enrich them in turn and pay their political hyenas. 

Romney/Ryan want to rig the "non-free market"  in favor of large corporations in which they have a stake, to hell with individuals, laborers and small business owners. 

Romney/Ryan will take away individual rights and give them to giant corporations who view all citizens simply as consumers.

Romney/Ryan lie and cheat and steal. We can't let them steal our country. We just can't.


Anonymous said...

God you are so right on. Too bad Romney/Ryan couldn't be honest like Obama. A typical, tell-it-like-it-is, stand up, Chicago democrat.

We've got the bucket of water to throw. Just a matter of time until we have the broomstick.

Eye on Oregon said...

"Chicago Democrat." That's it? That's all you got? That's the extent to which you address the issues raised?

Facts don't matter to you people, do they? You are sheep.

After being herded to another shearing, as if the last one the bankers and their minions in Congress gave you wasn't close enough, you turn off your brain and believe talk radio lies.

You are sheep. The corporatists are lying to you and laughing at you as they run you from pen to pen making you pay for using their gates.

Anonymous said...

That's all I need.

Chicago politics is a national cliche. But here's a line from a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor... a damn fine and reputable journalistic source by just about everyone's standard.

"The Chicago area is the most corrupt federal jurisdiction in the United States, having averaged 51 public corruption convictions each year since 1976, according to a new report."

Obama is cut from this cloth.

Eye said...

One definition of bigotry is to blame a group for the actions of an individual. You are a bigot.

Proof? Even the Monitor (not quite the paper it used to be) does not assert that every Chicago politician is corrupt. Let's agree that the Chicago jurisdiction is the most corrupt, but also agree that not 100 percent of the politicians in Chicago are corrupt.

You don't like Obama so you grab the flimsiest of associations and assert he has those characteristics.

Our president is Black, too. And from Chicago. Does that mean he's a Jazz musician? A crack smoking gang banger?

That's all you need? No, not in this debate it's not.

Anonymous said...

A blog of things Oregon: politics, weather, living and laughing, shouting and crying and all that. Eye On Oregon is a point of view on our unique and wonderful place.

You’ve got some explaining to do, Lucy. (A Cuban accent just doesn’t come through in print, does it.)

I am in the category of imbeciles you seem to understand, so, please fill me in on the disconnect. I googled “eyeon” for all sorts of bad reasons, mostly having to do with my poor keyboard skills, flipped through a couple of google pages while watching the rice burn, and voila! Something on the myths of Oregon runs in blue across the google results (disorganized in less than 3 seconds).

Oregon “Living and laughing, shouting and crying and all that” versus Nothing-about-Oregon “Ranting and ranting, ranting and ranting and all of that.”

Okay. I’ll wade a little further into this mud. Mud-wrestling without the benefits. I’m not real good in mud with clothes on -- hence, speed just ain’t gonna happen here. So read my bad typing work very, very slowly to make certain I can keep up with you.

For example. “The Republicans drove the United States into a ditch so they could grab the White House. We can't let them get away with it.” Perhaps you could explain, Lucy on the Oregon connection. (1) I know that Oregon is somewhere near one of the famous Washingtons or something like that, but does Oregon really have a White House? If so, are there some stiff, fearsome military cyborg types with the latest Bourne technology in their hands walking around on the roof? (2) I also know that Oregon has driven itself into some kind of economic ditch, but has it rear-ended the United States into a ditch as well?

Oh. Wait. I get it. You’re ranting about NATIONAL politics without the fun of Saturday Night Live.

I usually like puzzles. Well sometimes and only if there is a cheat sheet available on the internet. Actually I detest puzzles. Here’s the puzzle I really don’t want to spend a lot of my time on – you’re obviously good at puzzles, so you do the work and set me straight (“straight” as in the best PC sense – I saw what you did to the poor schmuck who wandered into the “your boy” mud):

What laws were or weren't passed that kicked the crutch from out under the hobbling US economy?

What independent think tanks vetted the laws?

Who did / didn’t vote for them?

How did the administration back the ‘right thing’?

Oh yeah, you’re thinking I’m one of those Republican types. I’d say “evil” Republicans, but, given your definition of the political party, that’s probably redundant.

Nope, nope, nope. Just a person without ID who was looking for the myths on the mists of Oregon.

Since there is nothing on Oregon in the blog, can you help with the info that feeds the national rant?

eyeonoregon said...

Nicely written. Welcome.

As to what seems to be the substance of your complaint, Oregon is deeply affected by elements of this election. But I agree the connection has become too tenuous and it would be better to make it more direct.

Thank you.

No, Republicans are not "evil," though the Romney / Ryan team is about as dishonest as anything we have seen. Independent think tanks? Independent says who? Do they now, like corporations, have rights of "personhood."

What laws were passed that kicked the crutch? Phil Graham's Wall Street-inspired repeal of banking regulations, among others, that allowed "too big to fail" and the casino mentality that affected our financial system (and fed piranha like Bain Capital).

Then Republicans in Congress smelled an opportunity: If they could stonewall the recovery and blame Obama for problems created by Cheney and Rove (two unfunded wars while negotiating tax cuts for the wealthy), they could sweep to a win.

This was part of a strategy long in the making, developed by of the "independent think tanks" you revere, in fact. It was called "starve the beast" and came from the Heritage Foundation, I believe, though memory dims. It was designed to change the culture by introducing hardship.

Know what's weird? I am a fiscal conservative (unabashed social Liberal) and agree with the right about the dangers of entitlements, the value of risk, work, disparity in income etc. But Republicans are not fiscal conservatives anymore. Their "free market" has morphed into "anything goes."

The "free market" of ideas championed by Jefferson requires an honest discussion and we are not being offered that by the right. Instead, it is a game of misinformation as they believe "whatever it takes to win, the ends justify the means."

And that damages democracy.

Thanks for joining in.

Anonymous said...

the way Mitt Romney actually made his fortune: by borrowing vast sums of money that other people were forced to pay back.

Read more:

Sarthurk said...

Apparently somebody has a severe case of cognitive dissonance.

I hope you recover soon.

eyeonoregon said...

We have reviewed your comment and believe cognitive dissonance is a survival trait when exposed to the lies of Romney-Ryan.

"We will cut taxes for the rich AND reduce the deficit but we won't tell you how ( we won't even give you details because if you figure it out you will vote for the other guy)."

"We will replace Medicare with vouchers but we won't tell you what health will cost you per year out of pocket." (You will find out sooner or later).

"We want you to trust us with your country but won't show you our tax returns." (Because we are better than you).

By the way, did you know Romney is still getting money from Bain? Did you know that Bain invests in hospitals? Wow.

I wonder how much recent Bain money is hidden in those documented offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands? From 2009? 2008?

You don't suppose Romney actually profited from the collapse of our economy? From Goldman Sachs? From the GOVERNMENT BAILOUT???

These men demean America.

Thanks for the analysis.