Monday, September 3, 2012

How did Romney-Ryan DO that?

How did it come to pass that rich white men born into immense privilege are telling the rest of us we should just work a little harder, expect a little less, do a little more without? 

Where do they get off telling the rest of the country what life should be for poor white men and women, poor Blacks, Hispanics, single mothers etc.(some of whom actually had those kids that Romney-Ryan say all women who have sex should be obliged to have )? 

Oookay, I got all the "coal miner" symbolism paraded out by the righties at the GOP convention. Too bad nobody had a great uncle who was a logger up here in Oregon (whew!) or worked in the mills around here. Rather, the mills that used to be around here. I bet there would be some great family history of the Wobblies.

Speaking of which, all those descendants of miners at the GOP convention and not a word about horrendous conditions? About mines collapsing because adequate shoring took too much out of profits? About black lung disease so long hidden by the great coal companies? The United Mine Workers didn't send one kid to college? Ever seen a face macerated by a broken saw chain?

But, back to the rant. 

I don't get it. Romney-Ryan don't know and can never know what it's like at the bottom of the pile, and now they want to lower their taxes (when they already pay less of their income in taxes than their drivers, their maids, their cooks, etc.) and they want to raise our insurance deductible, they want to decimate our schools, they want to take away our retirement? While they hide their tax returns and their money in offshore accounts? While telling us we should trust them?!?!

What they really want is to destroy opportunity for the rest of us to get where they are, because we need schools, hospitals and homes we can afford. And clean water to drink. And clean air to breathe. And jobs that protect us instead of kill us. And we want our kids to have some opportunity to get what Romney-Ryan got.

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Anonymous said...

Rich white men sit comfortably at the top of the food chain. Their world, their perception, their rules.

Didn’t you get the memo? It was circulated something like a thousand years ago. Everybody else got it and posted it in their 4X4 cube: women, minorities, third-world nations (it took a Rich White Man to manufacture such a demeaning label).

Loggers in Oregon? I thought the spotted owl wiped them out. And was that a good thing or bad thing? And what is a Wobblie – a new Sesame Street character?

There are life experiences out there I only dream about, others I don’t want to imagine and still others I can’t conceive of even existing.

And I’m sure I’ve blithely opined about the first two and trampled the third. All probably from the sweat of a corner office. Was I privileged? Middle road, middle class, middle earth. Well, yeah, Mom and Dad did the college thing; okay, yeah, there was never any question that I too would trod the marble halls of wisdom. From the parent’s wallet. And no, I never worried about food ( although I do think that anyone forced to eat lima beans, Brussels sprouts or red beats have suffered inhumane treatment) or health (pimples could be hard on a seventh grader) or whining for a wardrobe that could keep me within a certain radius of the cool kids.

Have you ever been in a position of making decisions, making policy that affects others who cling to the lower rungs of the ladder? And, if so, how did that come to pass? How do you know what it’s like to be stranded, stuck on a lower rung to which you’ve never descended? How do you know what it’s like for the women and minorities and third-world nations who are / have been stuck on a ladder with the corpulent ass of a white man riding their shoulders? Do you know what it’s like to lie crumpled in a heap at the bottom of the ladder? Could your perceptions and policies ever be considered condescending to those you presume to guide?

What is that saying? The road to Washington DC, oops I mean hell, is paved with the best intentions. Pretty much why I stay off the road – I would only add to the traffic jam. With road rage.