Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paul Ryan is Washington insider!

Can it be true? Paul Ryan has never had a job outside of Congress?

Paul Ryan has never met a payroll, never been in the "market place" he so blithely advocates for others? Never not had government perks? It's astounding!

Can it be true this man has never been in the private sector but has been paid out of our tax revenues his ENTIRE ADULT LIFE?!? If so, this is the best argument ever made for retroactively downsizing government.

No wonder Paul Ryan has so little compassion – he came of age in Washington D.C. He was born on third base, says he hit a triple, then tells everyone else coming to the plate that they should bat without a helmet. What gall. What hypocrisy.

He believes in Ayn Rand but leaves out that atheism is the core of her philosophy, which is baking a cake without adding flour. Or eggs. He says we cannot afford compassion as a country and really, it's a sign of weakness. Does this staunch Catholic think he is quoting Jesus!?

He makes up a silly budget fiction about how to give more money to the rich while cutting food and hospitals and schools for the poor. Then he says Democrats are divisive?! This ego-driven wanker even lies about his time in marathons. He's never even run in Oregon's rain!

Paul Ryan's budgets are a sleight of hand, his "everybody-on-their-own" philosophy heartless in this time of hardship, his adherence to "free markets" uninformed. Ryan is as ambitious as Mitt Romney and just as bogus.


Anonymous said...

What? No busboy years in high school? No fast food fun behind the counter? Pump gas? Seriously?

Yes, lifer government folks are delusional on the whole private sector thing. And so are academics who roam in the outer fringes of life in search of publishing and student confusion. And so are our sanctified public teachers who plod along in a system designed during the industrial revolution.

None of this is a good thing.

In a twist on Switzerland, perhaps all public servants and government subsidized quasi-public institutions (e.g., research labs and private ivory towers of higher education reaping the benefits of kids enrolled on federal aid) should 'serve' two or more years in the private sector. At any level, anywhere.

But do we have to run in the Oregon rain? And I thought Oregon was a big rodeo with wild mustangs, dry Ponderosas waiting for the lick of fire.

I like Ayn Rand. Even out of context. I like cobbling all sorts of interesting thoughts, complete or not, into run-on sentences. You gotta problem with that?

I'm not a long-distance runner, don't wanna be any sort of runner, and would definitely lie about my time if called on it.

Anonymous said...

Not too different than welfare recipients, really, both paid for by taxpayers. Ryan is an unawakened, self-centered man, like most of the GOP.