Monday, September 17, 2012

Romney - Ryan use recession to enrich friends

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan call Federal Reserve efforts toward sparking economic recovery a "sugar high."

This is an abysmally poor understanding of economics or a craven attempt to capitalize on the hardship of millions of Americans. The only economic "plan" Romney - Ryan have is to allow polluters to pollute more and let Romney's banker friends pay as little as possible back into the system that made them so rich.

The Federal Reserve is trying to jolt an economy hurt by those same bankers and made worse by the crisis in Europe. The Fed is trying to force cash into the economy so people can begin to buy washers and dryers and kitchen cabinets and so other people can build them, here in Oregon and across the country. 

The Romney - Ryan "plan" is to reduce environmental controls for campaign donors who have tired to buy this election and nearly every state house in the country  (see Koch Bros). Their "plan" (see if you can find any details – ANY) would actually increase the number of people out of work  with the promise that eventually, someday, hopefully, the great capitalists of America will hire more workers and pay higher wages.

Maybe wages as high as they pay in China, where most of our jobs have gone. 

Romney - Ryan oppose the Federal Reserve effort because it might work! They call it a sugar high because they are in favor of more difficult lives – because it will be good for us.  The harder life will lead to the better life in the long term, they say. Maybe. For some people. Yes it will – if you already have a good life.

That's a lot of gall from a couple of men who were born rich and claim they deserve it.  Men who don't know what it's like facing unemployment, don't know what's it like to have a sick child and no  access to medical care, don't know what it's like having to decide between paying rent or buying milk.

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